Legal Cases Monitoring & Management System

The following are the salient features of the product.

  • Online compilation of all legal cases.

    Our product makes a online compilation of all the legal cases, with associated online documentation, that the GHMC has to deal with. This makes it easier for all parties concerned, including lawyers, in the form of a directory to refer to, instantly, ensuring that all the cases areattended.

  • Department-wise sorting & alerts.

    The product sorts all the cases in a department-wise manner facilitating easier access of the case. It also sends alerts, 3 days in advance, to all the lawyers concerned, H.O D's, and the legal department enabling coordination in efforts..

  • Legal fee accountability.

    This product ensures that payment made by a customer in a legal case is taken into account by the legal department following which a lawyer is assigned to the case thereby ruling out different lawyers charging fee for the same case mistakenly, guaranteeing accountability & ruling out loss of money for the customer.

  • Online updation & customer notification.

    The product has the crucial feature wherein case proceedings are updated online and the customer duly notified, by the department concerned. This flushes out accountability lapses on the part of the officials concerned.

  • List of office-bearers of the Legal department & Lawyers.

    This feature lists the office-bearers of the Legal department & Lawyers for reference of the customer and also for redressal of cases.

  • Reports section.

    This feature of the product takes care of the important aspect of appropriate action by the authorities concerned on the status of the cases and follows it up with addressing the inadequacies in the system.

  • Contingencies.

    The product also provides a facility to transfer cases between Lawyers in case of contingencies to expedite disposal of cases.

  • Access control.

    Each user is provided with dashboard based on their role, Admin will grant access as per user profile.

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