Election Management Software

  • Online compilation of all legal cases.

    Software compiles data on local voters booth wise with gender wise, Age, Caste.

    Local elected representatives with contact details, Social media presence, caste and present representing party.

    Total votes statistics with number of votes in each village with percentages to plan campaign and allotment of resources.


Party cadre details.

Self help groups details with ontact numbers..

I- Contacts. People who are non political but can influence a section of voters, with their

significance, contact details and any political affiliations.

Expenses management.

II - To record day wise expenses and submission to election commission.

Teams. Teams with their assignments updating option on their assignment.

Booth level committee. Building booth level committee with complete details.

Messaging services with selected groups.

Customized Report generation

Access control for different users based on their jurisdiction and role.

Completed Automation of HMDA-BPP Venue Booking, Rental Collection and Park Ticketing.