Demolition Enforcement Monitoring & Management System

  • Online compilation of all illegal construction activities and action there on.

    Our product makes online compilation of all the illegal and unauthorized constructions, with associated online documentation, that the Collectors office has to deal with. This makes it easier for all parties concerned, as updated information available in their consoles and facility to instructs for further action.

  • Area-wise sorting.

    Concerned APO’s or designated officer’s initiate’s action by entering details of unauthorized constructions in their respective areas with details. Complaints received by your office also entered into system and assigned to area officers to verify the complaints and to take it forward.

  • Legal fee accountability.

    This product ensures that payment made by a customer in a legal case is taken into account by the legal department following which a lawyer is assigned to the case thereby ruling out different lawyers charging fee for the same case mistakenly, guaranteeing accountability & ruling out loss of money for the customer.

  • Online approval and auto generation of Legal notices.

    Cases initiated by concerned officers escalated to higher authorities for approval of note files and send legal notices to builders or owners of such properties. Notices generated can be generated by system once approved by authorities.

  • Demolition

    If no reply from builder or owner demolition orders issued for demolition team and police station of that area is also. After the demolition, team updates with pictures of demolished properties. Electricity and HMWSSB authorities updated on such properties as illegal and not to entertain any requests for connectivity.

  • Access control.

    Each user is provided with a dashboard and the product Admin grants access privileges to users depending on a need-to- know basis.

  • Reports.

    Reports on new unauthorized constructions noticed area and zone wise. Status of each case. Demolition in process Demolished Reports can be customized as per requirements.

Completed Automation of HMDA-BPP Venue Booking, Rental Collection and Park Ticketing.