About Us

New budding software company promoted by people with varied experience and proven track record in creating new business and running successfully.

As world moves now on smart instruments, we see a good opportunity to provide solutions.

We are certainly looking to add value to business of our customers by providing solutions with creative inputs to make them stand in competitive environment. We are happy to share that we have launched 2 mobile apps targeted at corporate clients and for general public. More interesting products in the field of health care and higher education will be launched shortly; these will be customized for each client.

Our technical teams consist of young energetic professionals with hands on experience and updated with latest technologies. Our teams are experts in developing Mobile Apps for integrating smart phones and tablets with hardware in various industrial solutions.

Right now focusing on Mobile apps and creating Responsive websites for clients depending on their business needs.

We love the challenges and our teams are looking for you to come with challenging work……….

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