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Our promoters acquired 20 years of experience in different enterprises in techno-commercial areas which results in an in-depth understanding of client requirements thus resulting in designing best solutions.
Being a growing Company our team is passionate and driven to make a mark in the market.

Srshta is a technology-driven software development company with a successful presence in the software development industry for over 2 years and ever since grown to be respected in the field, backed by a proven track-record of being reliable, efficient and a trustworthy service provider to businesses all over the world. This company was established recognizing increasing the market potential of companies that are looking to make their business processes more efficient through the use of advanced software solutions and to respond to market forces that dictate the necessity of an online presence, to stay abreast of competition. Since the company’s inception in 2013, it has been instrumental in releasing numerous products for diverse businesses ranging from basic websites to highly sophisticated business automation systems. Our expertise in a wide range of state-of-the-art computer technologies ensures that the solutions we provide are tailor-made and market-driven to suit our clients' needs.

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OUR army

The SRSHTA.com is always proved that the service provide over the Clients satisfaction 100%, Srashta always has strong and enough skilled professionals
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UI Developer
Veerendhar is handling product functioning over the user interface (UI) and , he is most desirable candidate for the product running in real time
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Anusha Naidu

Human Resource
Anusha Naidu is taking care of the Srshta functionality and day to day responsibility over the clients, and she most responsible person in products delivery satisfaction
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Anil Reddy

Team Leader
Anil Reddy is responsible for all integration of the product until handle to the client, and he is program designer
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Santhosh Kumar

Santhosh Kumar has handling net technology programming responsibility. He has 4 years of hands on experience in MS Visual Studio and MVC


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